So I know you must be thinking.. why was Busy Bee Skin Co. created? Well, our owner (Abri) created BBSC because of issues with her own skin. She struggled with skin that was EXTREMELY dry, so bad to the point where she'd get dry patches all over her face, which made her super self conscious, but the most challenging issue was that her skin was also very sensitive so she had to be cautious of the products she used.

It was hard to find products that helped the dry skin issue but didn't burn or irritate her skin and she was also too busy with work and school to really focus on the products she was using and what ingredients were in those products.

Then BAM, she has this idea to create her own skincare line with products that are made with simple ingredients that people can actually understand (which is why we include full ingredient lists of all our products). 

The idea was to make it easier for everyone to access great, inexpensive skincare because we all deserve to feel comfortable in our skin while giving it the nourishment it needs. :)